You’re A Wizard

Okay so 3 things that I wanted to talk about in this post today.

  1. Athleisure wear is 100% a real thing. The most amazing clothing department in the world has officially been invented.
  3. How do you walk into Target and not buy all the stuff?
I’m completely obsessed with this shirt and the fact that athleisure wear just exists in general. I love wearing comfy clothes (who doesn’t?) Any excuse to wear them out and about is my favorite.
Obviously Target knows how to do their athleisure wear. Harry Potter?!?!
Are you kidding me?
This shirt is my new favorite thing in my closest. Like HI. If you don’t love everything about this already, we can’t be friends. Best print, softest material and SUPER budget friendly.
Like it was $14 yo… you have no excuse not to buy this immediately!
Also- in LOVE with these joggers. I’ve recently started wearing joggers and I’m just wondering where they have been all my life!
Want to know the real best part about this post? I’m giving away a $20 target gift card to one of my readers!
So really, there’s no excuse not to get this shirt or these joggers!
Head on over to my instagram (@eatglitterallday) to find all the details!
Hint hint… there’s a bonus entry for leaving a comment here on this post 🙂
I just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate you sticking with me and reading my blog! It’s been a fun journey so far and I’m really excited about the future… hope you are too! Keep your eye out for more giveaways… I’ve got a loop coming up this Friday for something way fun!
Huge thanks to my girls Lauren and Sarah- if you need a photographer or videographer, they are the best!
Photography: Sarah Arnoff
Videography: Lauren Michels Productions

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