Women Food and God

I’m thinking about a little Eat Glitter book club… I think it would be fun (and enlightening) to read and talk about a wellness book once a month or so (ish). What do you guys think? Imma try it out and see how it goes. If you have any book suggestions, send them my way!
To be totally honest, I have no idea where I even got this book. I don’t remember buying it and I don’t remember having it gifted to me… all I know is that it was on my bookcase! I’ve found this book to be very enlightening.
It’s not a ‘how to diet’ book or anything like that. It’s about coming to terms with yourself and your feelings. The main idea that I got from this book was that it is okay (good, in fact) to feel your feelings in the moment.
There is no shame in experiencing feelings of sadness, grief, guilt, depression or anything else. It is normal and healthy to FEEL the feelings. It’s not healthy or beneficial to drown them with food. You will be better and learn to deal with life as you practice addressing your feelings. Geneen also discusses going back through your life and acknowledging feelings from the past.  The past can’t hurt you- but this is something that I really struggle with. When I was younger, there were many people that made fun of my body or discouraged me about the way that I looked (I was chubby and had bad acne- but who doesn’t go through a phase like that?) and I still remember the comments that hurt the worst. But one thing that I was taught from reading this book was that those people, wherever they are now, cannot hurt me or make me feel less than I am. I can address the pain and hurt from those encounters and then move on from it. I need to learn to feel the sadness and then grow from it.
The last theme in the book that I wanted to talk about is the idea that the biggest transformation that must take place in order for you to be successful is that you need to know that is possible to change. Once you change the fundamental issues that make you turn to food in the first place- you will be able to obtain the health that you so desperately want.
Not only that change is possible, but that you are worth the change. You are worth the work and that you don’t have to torment yourself to get there.
“Don’t judge yourself. You don’t think that wanting it all means anything about the kind of person that you are. You don’t tell yourself how selfish you are, and if others knew what you wanted, they would throw you out. None of that. You bring yourself back to the present moment… ask yourself if you are hungry. Simple. Am I hungry?” (Roth, 157).
I hope that you guys can pick up this book and take a peek. Its relatively short and stock full of enlightening information.
And if you do read it, tell me what you think or what you learned! I love hearing other people’s opinions about this kind of stuff. Its so nice to bounce around ideas and get a different perspective than your own.
And just as a parting note, I wanted to thank you again for reading my blog and supporting me! It really means the world to me. Let me know if you have any suggestions. comments or concerns. I want to make this blog as engaging and motivational as possible and I love hearing your ideas 🙂