What’re you worth?

Lately I have been seeing the topic of self love floating around the internet and I am absolutely thrilled. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to see people/posts/images about what they actually like about themselves.

I’m not talking about being self-absorbed here, I’m talking the people who post real life images where it’s evident that they aren’t perfect but that they legitimately like themselves and they’re okay with what they’ve got going on.

One of the things I struggle most with is feeling insecure about my body. It’s so easy for me to look in the mirror or look down at myself and think to myself, “yikes WTF is going on right there” or (notoriously) “my legs look huge!” And oftentimes I get on the scale to weigh myself and I feel inadequate. “How do I weigh so much?!”Rather than just looking at the beauty in myself as I am right at that moment, I let those negative thoughts ruin that minute, hour, day or even days. So I want to ask myself (and you,obviously):

Why are we basing our worth on physical attributes and shortcomings?

In my studies recently, I’ve been focusing on inherent worth. Every single one of us has equal worth no matter what. Just being children of God makes us worthy of joy, happiness, contentment and love {insert any word here}. We cannot achieve or earn our worth because it is exists within us no matter what we do.  Loving and respecting ourselves at any given moment is so challenging! Learning to love ourselves despite weight or size, and successes or failures will probably be a lifelong battle for most of us. Excuse the cliche, but it is a battle worth fighting for. One of the most important things that I can teach my son is to love himself. It is one of the best ways to be happy.

One of my goals this year is to love myself more because I honestly am just sick and tired of hating on myself. I’m sick of feeling bad because I look (or don’t look) a certain way or I do (or don’t) something. It robs my days of so much happiness when I have such a wonderful life that is chalk full of blessings.

So here’s my challenge for us- let’s take today and try to like ourselves and to put a stop to the negative self talk.  I don’t expect any of us to go from hating to loving ourselves (or anywhere in between) with the snap of a finger. It’s is going to take a conscious effort but find at least one thing everyday that you can like/love and stop your negative self talk at least once a day. After a little while those positive thoughts will grow into full blown self love where we recognize that we are worth it {cue “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony 😉 } worth happiness, love, success, forgiveness or whatever else you need.

This is going to sound like a cheese fest but remember that you are wonderful just as you are and you are worth having joy in your life ❤️