Walk It Out

I don’t know about you guys, but pregnancy and labor takes a toll on your body. You’ve lost strength, flexibility and probably gained some weight and extra skin/flab (unfortunately). As much as we would all like to hop right back on the hard core cardio train, it might not work like that. I struggled a lot with incontinence right after labor (just telling it like it is!) and I could not get back to my Dance Cardio right away. What’s a girl to do?


Walk. That’s what. It’s the perfect way to get your body moving after the stress of pushing a baby into the world. You can start walking almost right away and can start at whatever level you’re at without putting too much pressure on yourself.

After a couple of weeks, my mom and hubby got me to venture out with the babe in our Bumbleride and let me tell ya, it was a breath of fresh air (see what I did there 😉 ). It did me so much good to get out and even just walk up and down the street.

Now that we are getting used to parenthood & my body has basically recovered, I really try to get out each day. I work towards getting 10,000 steps a day (I LOVE my Fitbit, you can read more about why I like it HERE). I am far from perfect, but for right now, that small goal is motivating me to get up more often.


We don’t go all the way down into Copenhagen each day, but we get out and walk around our little town each day at least (usually it’s a trek down to our local grocery store or to our little lake). Sometimes we use our Baby Bjorn, but generally I prefer to go out in our Bumbleride because it keeps baby extra warm, he can nap really easily and its got some great storage for groceries and stuff. Another way I like to get my steps in is to run the trash down to our outside dumpster or run downstairs to the cellar to do our laundry.

If you’re wanting to add in more steps each day and 10,000 just sounds like way too many, start with adding a couple thousand steps each day until that amount seems normal (for as long as you need!) and then add an additional 2,000 and keep on progressing until you reach your goal. I found this handy little graphic on Pinterest (original source is the myfitnesspal blog HERE) and I love the concept of it:

The easiest way in my opinion to keep track of your steps is with a Fitbit or other pedometer, but you can also do a basic conversion. It won’t be as precise but will give you a good idea:

If you just do a little bit more each day and have a specific goal, walking regularly will turn out great benefits for you: it can lead to lower risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and of course obesity. Now is the time to take care of not only your new baby, but also yourself. In order to be the best mommy to your little human, you need to take care of your self and physical activity is KEY.  Once you’ve recovered sufficiently, take your step game to the next level- brisk walking or a light jog will be awesome for your post-baby body. What’re some of your favorite ways to get your steps in?



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