Walk for Weight Loss

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed when you start a workout program? Like it has to be (excuse my expression) but balls to the walls in order to see results?
I know for me that if I start with too much intensity, I lose my consistency. Consistency is the key to losing weight and making a lifestyle change! One of the best places to start on a weight loss/health journey is walking.
To me, the best thing about walking is that almost everyone can do it! If you have two legs that work properly, then you are so blessed! Use those legs 🙂
Going for a walk doesn’t take a lot of planning or preparation. It doesn’t require fancy equipment or a gym membership (unless you LOVE the dreadmill… ) and you can go anytime, anywhere.
On vacation? Take some time to go for a walk.
Visiting a friend? Grab them and go out together.
Pregnant? Guess what, its GOOD for you and your baby to be active during your pregnancy. Walking counts!
Literally, walking can be anywhere.
You’ve probably noticed that we filmed and photographed at a cemetery. A little creepy but not really! Walking can be the perfect time to explore your area & get to know the place you live a little better.
Plus, this place had some serious hills & I love adding a little intensity to my workouts.
I actually love using the natural terrain as a challenge during my walks. Hills, sprints and jogs intermittently throughout the walk can make it a little more exciting!
If you learn to enjoy your walks- they will become a part of your daily life. I promise that you will see health benefits from consistently adding physical activity to your day. Restrictive dieting and crazy workout plans might work for a little bit, but usually they don’t help you long term (you can even gain more weight after these things than when you even started) but small and consistent things will change your life! You probably won’t only walk for the rest of your life, but it is a great foundation for physical activity & its just good to get outside, breathe the fresh air and get your blood pumping.
To be totally honest, walking and low stress physical activity help with my anxiety big time. You will really be surprised at the benefits of just getting moving!
The last quick thing I wanted to talk about was shoessss. If you are going to be walking for more than a few minutes, its important to grab some shoes with support in them. The last thing you want is to start exercising and then your feet crap out on you! Nikes are my personal favorites but there are a ton of other great brands out there- its all about what works best for your feet.
If you are stumped for how to find good shoes, head into a running store. Most of them do gait analysis these days and they will point you in the right direction.
The most important thing is to get out there and get moving my friends! I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday 🙂

Photography: Sarah Arnoff Photo
Videography: Lauren Michels Productions 
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