Growing up, I had a really difficult time finding motivation to exercise- honestly it was a huge struggle to get me to run even a mile. That being said, the only form of exercise that I actually enjoyed (but that never really felt like exercise) was gymnastics and dance. It was so fun for me to learn routines or tricks and whenever I mastered something, I felt very accomplished.
I stopped going to organized dance classes and gymnastics when I was in my teens so it’s been a long while since I’ve done anything like… but then I tried U-jam last year.
U-jam is a dance/cardio fitness class that incorporates a pretty wide variety of music- everything from hip hop to oldies. I like this class quite a bit more than I like Zumba just because there’s a lot more variety! U-jam has specific songs that you learn choreography too (no matter where you take a U-jam class, it will always be the same!) once you get the choreo down, you feel like a freaking pro.

I like U-jam so much that I decided to take the workshop and get certified to teach it! It’s been a challenge finding time to work on memorizing the choreography, but eventually I will start teaching. I officially passed my assessment so its time to get down to business.
This format is just so much fun and so different- and that’s how workouts should be! They shouldn’t feel like work all the time, it’s important to actually enjoy what you’re doing.

For Utah people- there are several classes taught here (from Salt Lake down to Spanish Fork). Try Baile Dance Studio, Vasa Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness and the Provo Rec!
Outside of UT- go here and search your zip code to find a class!

After you try your first class, you might totally hooked.

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