True Love

To really love something, you must love the good and the bad. You must love everything about that thing you love.

Now I can say that I REALLY love Paris. Im pretty sure I have seen it all in the past three months that I have spent here….

1) The gorgeous monuments (Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, Sacre Ceour, Arc de Triomphe, etc etc)
2) The cute little cobble stone streets
3) Delicious food
4) Beautiful people all in Black
5)Awesome shopping
 And too many others to name

THE (not so) PRETTY:
1)Dog poop and pee all along the streets
2) Human poop all along the streets
3) The sewer system
4) The gnarly metro
5)Bums, hobos, and the like (including those that sit in on our classes, those that pull down their pants and pee right in front of me, etc etc)
 And Im sure some other goodies too

BUT. I love Paris. Before I came here, I had this romantic notion in my head. I thought that Paris was the place to smooch and buy beautiful clothing, see awe-some sites and eat magnificent food. Even though all of that is a big part of Paris- Paris is so much deeper than that. And I have loved every second here. I wouldn’t take back this opportunity for anything in the world. I am a completely different person than I was before. My testimony has grown and I really feel like I know what kind of direction I want my life to go. I have two days left here in Paris and I am heartbroken. It seems like a dream. I hope I wake up tomorrow with another month.


Nope, only two days. I feel like now I can start moving on with my life, start becoming more of an adult, and start thinking about my next phase of life. I wish I could stay here forever, but I cant. But I do wish and hope with all of my heart that I remember everything about my time here. I dont want to forget a minute of it.

J’adore Paris. Je suis une otre persone.
Pics from this last week…

I visited the Arab museum on Wednesday. I decided to walk back to school (I can be almost anywhere in Paris and I know how to walk to where I am going!) One of the many wonderful sites I see almost everyday. Notre Dame 

I sat and wrote in my journal for a while, this was my view of the seine. 

Typical french man- pipe + bread = happiness I suppose 

Angelina’s is DIVINE. I enjoyed some lovely white hot chocolate. 


Thanksgiving dinner! Crepe (Josselins) with ham, cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms 

The steps of Notre Dame- solid stone, but walked on so many times that there are dents in the stone. I am amazed by this. 

I will never get over how beautiful this is. My favorite view of Paris, by far. 

Last Lunch at Creperie Genia. Amazing crepe Sallee and sucre. Fills you to the brim for 4,50. Literally a steal 

Perfect little book store right by Notre Dame. They have books upstairs and a room to sit and read. 

Cutesy little pink crepe stand on the Champs 

Champs Elysees 

I think it was their Veterans Day on friday 

Arc de Triomphe 

Just another shoot of Eiffy  
The real Paris 

Inside the sewers of Paris 

Nice little pooper scooper 

Alexander the 3 bridge (the most romantic bridge in Paris) 

The cat man.. Things you find on the Metro. 

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