Tracy Anderson Teen Meta Results and Review

I’ll just start off this post by saying that I didn’t love this TA program… I HATED the band and all of the workouts just felt off for me, except for the freestyle Dance Cardio. That was my saving grace when I did this for the month of March and it was basically the main thing I looked forward to during each workout.

But I will say that I’m officially down to my pre-pregnancy weight (yay!) after doing this program so I can’t be that mad at teen meta 😉 My body looks different than it did before Liam but I am happy with the progress and can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months! I took these progress pics just now due to a trip back home to the States, and I haven’t worked out consistently since the first week of the April but I’m ready to recommit and get back on track. I know my progress is small but its just encouraging to try eat a little healthier and move my body more!

Stats (as of May 3, 2017)-

Waist: 31″/Hips: 34.5″/Butt: 37.5″/Right Thigh: 22″/Left Thigh: 21.5″/Right Calf: 15.5″/Left Calf: 15.25″/Right Bicep: 11″/Left Bicep: 10.75″/Weight: 65.2kg (143.44 lbs)

There wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with the program but it didn’t feel challenging enough and I cannot tell you how much I hated using the band with every workout. It would bunch up and pinch my skin- not something anyone wants when they are trying to focus on exercise! Maybe I was just having an off month but I was definitely ready to put away these DVDs. BUT I did like the dance cardio and that alone would make it worth it to buy the set, in my opinion (you can find a link HERE) it’s less than $20 and the replay value of TA dance cardio is awesome. I usually just turn on my Spotify on a little portable blue tooth speaker (mine is older, but THIS also looks like a good option and it’s on mega sale right now!).

During April, I did a few TA DVDs at my mom’s house here and there but I didn’t workout a lot on my trip. However, I will say that some of my weight loss is also coming from my U-Jam classes (what’s U-Jam? Read about it HERE). I’ve been teaching it for the past little while 2-3x/week and it definitely gets me sweating! But TA is my jam (haha get it?) so for the month of May I will be doing Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout . This is one of her original DVDs and it is a killa. It’s about an hour long so its more of a commitment than some of her other DVDs that I have done this year but I am missing my TA and I’m ready to kick my results up to the next level. I’m going to keep teaching my U-Jam classes but on the other days I’ll be adding in at least 20 minutes of TA Dance Cardio to make sure I’m getting my cardio in each day.

I’ll be posting my workout stuff more regularly on my instagram (@eatglitterallday) if you want to follow along! And don’t forget about our #foodfriday posts on the blog on Friday’s now with some of the recipes I’ve made throughout the week. Love you all, hope you have a great Wednesday xoxo

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