Tracy Anderson for Beginners- Results

Again with the progress pics, sorry peeps (I’m really trying for some personal accountability here haha). I’ll do just a little side by side comparison, but there’s not much difference yet. It’s only been two weeks and its not a super aggressive workout because I just wanted to start getting my range of motion and flexibility back after having the baby. My measurements are all the same but my weight has gone done a tiny bit, from 69.4 kg to 68.9 kg (153-151) so I am happy for the progress!

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely try to ‘perform’ the workouts (which makes a WORLD of difference, btw) so I would sweat but because its her Beginners workout, it wasn’t as hard as some of her other dvds (um, obviously haha). If you are new to TA though, I definitely recommend starting with these ( Dance Cardio for Beginners and Mat Workout for Beginners). She is fabulous at walking you through each move and gets you familiar with how she utilizes angles in her workouts. I am telling you those angles are really what makes the difference! For the past two weeks (up until this past Sunday), I worked out 6 days a week- 30 minutes of Dance Cardio and 20 minutes of the Mat workout. There are 3 separate workouts on the Mat Workout DVD so I did 4 days of each Mat w/o. I missed a couple of sessions here and there, but I’m feeling good about the progress. I’m aiming for consistency not perfection.

Now that my abs are mostly healed (I wanted to wait until 8 weeks to avoid getting diastisis recti) so now I am starting the Post-Pregnancy 1 Workout and rotating it with the Post-Pregnancy 2 Workout. I loved the Dance Cardio routines from the Beginners DVD (there are 4 separate routines) so I will continue doing those for my cardio during this time. One reason for sticking with this particular DC DVD is because its less jumping & hopping that her more advanced DC and this just works for me right now. This has been the perfect DVD to help get my endurance back up to where it was prior to pregnancy.

I’m planning on doing these post-pregnancy workouts for 30 days (basically the month of February- if you want to do it with me, I’d love that!) My workouts will be a little longer this month- about  1 hr and 15 minutes (ish) and these workouts are KILLER, but I’m really optimistic about them pulling in and strengthening my core. I am pretty dang sore after only a few workouts and I can only do every other rep on some of the moves because they are pretty intense.

I really cannot wait to see the results with these bad boys! My abs are pretty dang weak right now, which is totally normal. I’m trying to be gentle with myself and remind myself what my body just went through and all the changes that happened to my body for the better part of a year. It is amazing, wouldn’t trade it for anything but I do want to get my pre-pregnancy body back… know what I mean? I made a personal goal before I got pregnant that I would always lose any weight I gained from pregnancy so that I never get caught in the chaos of extra weight or being unhealthy.

Food wise- I am pretty content where I am at for the moment. I don’t want to restrict calories too much because I am breastfeeding, but I am trying to eat healthier meals and snacks (I try to post more of my daily food stuff on instastories @eatglitterallday if you want to catch me over there). I’ve realized that when I start working out, I generally eat healthier just naturally and vice versa. It’s a good positive reinforcement cycle! I’m not perfect and I’m not being too hard on my diet right now and its just a lot less stressful than being super restrictive and I’m definitely enjoying that aspect of it. Once I’m sure my milk supply is stable, I’m going to start being way more conscientious of calories… but I’ll go more into that soon 🙂


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