Thermals and Raincoats

Obviously its still like way cold outside & even though I usually workout inside (aside from the occasional outdoor runs) I love having warm workout clothes!
1) I love to sweat during my workouts- its so detoxifying and I feel bad a when I sweat a ton (I’m a freak I know)
2) Whenever I hit the gym, its a MUST for me to have the proper gear while traveling (aka moving from the car to the gym or from the gym out to run errands) I am not going to freeze my butt of if I have to hit the grocery store on the way home
Ya feel me?
Nike has some AMAZING thermal leggings. They’re all fuzzy on the inside and its so cozy. I’m obsessed. They’ve still got some stretch to them (which is a make or break for me) and I love the patterns.
I’m for sure a leggings kind of girl.
My other go to piece for cold weather is an athletic raincoat. Its fashionable enough that you can still wear it out and about & does a freaking good job of wicking away rain/snow/sweat and everything else in between.
I love this coat because not only is it practical, but it also fits so great! It’s a little on the longer side and has elastic things around the waist and on the bottom- you can make it fit exactly how you like!
The final touch to any workout wear is a good pair of tennis shoes! I have a problem and buy way too many of those haha. I snagged these at Macys for $45! I think they’re all sold out now but I’ll put some links below to some similar ones. I generally love to have flexible shoes- you get support while still getting a ‘bare foot’ feel.
Top and coat purchased at Utah Run in American Fork, Utah but here are some similar styles:
​Top: Here
Coat: Here
Pants:  Here
Shoes:  Here

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