Sweaty to City

Sometimes ( I feel this way especially on Saturdays…) there is so much to get done, that you have to run from workout to errands or visa-versa and there is no time to change in between.
Enter multi-functional outfits.
They’re outfits you can sweat in AND look cute in. Win-win, #amiright?
I’m a big fan of multi-functional outfits… like outfits that fit you when you’re skinny and can fit you when you’re pregnant (wait what??? but really, this is how I’ve been shopping for the past two years. The more times you can wear your clothes the better, you totally save money that way…)
Fall is the perfect time to pair your normal workout clothes with fun jackets and vests- it is honestly the best/easiest way to add a pop of color & style so that you feel cute outside of the gym too.
Pull your hair back into a banging braid and add some fun sneakes and BAM. You’re good to go anywhere. (I love getting hair inspo from Barefoot Blonde… like insert so many heart eyes right now).
Add a fluff ball of a puppy and your outfit is complete.
Sneakers: Sold out 🙁 But I am obsessed with these ones found here and here
Pants: Roxy
Top: Nike, old but found at the rack in store
Vest: Moving Comfort, found here but I purchased mine at Utah Run in American Fork

Photos: Lauren from Urban Ombre

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