Stairs for Stares

There’s nothing quite like having a furry little workout buddy with you when you’re doing stairs. I freaking love that face SOOOO much.
I loved having this cute and my other cute (aka the husby) with me today! I needed a dose of both of them after this crazy week.
This is just a quick little workout you can do- all you have to do is find some stairs and put on your tennis shoes! Do each exercise for 1 minute splits- repeat for a total of 3 circuits.

Warm Up

Walk up and down the stairs, gradually increasing your pace until you get your heart pumping and your muscles warm. I recommend at least  5 minutes.

1. Run the stairs

After your warm up, run up and down the stairs for 1 minute.

2. Lunges

Make your way up the stairs by doing alternating lunges. I want these low and I want you to squeeze your legs and butt on the way back up. Keep this very intentional- we want to engage the brain too.

3. Grapevine

This is my favorite set of the whole workout- just do a simple grapevine up the stairs. This will keep your mind involved (cause you don’t want to trip and biff it… trust me) and its just good for overall coordination. A simple grapevine is front, side, back, side. Alternate sides.

4. Jumps

Simply jump onto each stair with both feet until you hit your minute.

5. Triceps

Use one of the bottom stairs for your dips- when you bend your elbows, try to keep them straight back. As you extend, keep your core and butt tight.

6. Push ups

You got this. 1 minute of push ups. You can switch up your grip on each circuit to change things up.

7. One-legged Jumps

Do one minute on each side- its as simple as it sounds. Make sure to keep your knees soft, don’t hyper-extend. Make sure you do 1 minute each side, this exercise will take 2 minutes.

8. Step Up Kick Backs

Step left, kick right back. Step right, kick left back. BOOM. You got it. Be sure to squeeze your butt as you kick back.

9. Decline Lunges

Take your time with these so that you don’t injure yourself. I step down on every other step and drop my knee onto the middle step.

Don’t forget to repeat the circuit 3 times! Be sure to do a cool down (just walk up and down the stairs) and bring your heart rate down. This is super important! We don’t want any venous pooling or anything else.
I finished off my workout with a mend juice & some awkward selfies with this one. Seriously. I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with this pup.

PS-hubby and I were having some technical difficulties with the camera today… so sorry that some of these are out of focus! We are workin’ on it 😉

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