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First things first, I am not a hair stylist. And secondly, I kind of suck at doing my hair.
Like I really am not talented when it comes to hair stuff. My hair goes up into a pony almost everyday.
Enter Savvy Curls (aka the best hair invention ever).
Even people that suck at doing hair can have AWESOME curls. Plus it takes like 5 minutes to do & that is a HUGE win in my book.
  • I started with my just washed hair (but you can also use second day hair or already dry hair).
  • I blow dried my hair with a round brush to just damp dry (so it only took a couple of minutes!) You don’t want your hair to be all the way dry unless you plan on putting mousse in it- which is what I do for my second day curls! I’ll explain how to do that at the end.
  • I use the convertible band because my hair is pretty dang thick. I put up half my hair and then wrapped the bottom portion first.
  • Want to know a secret? You totes don’t even have to part your hair all pretty and straight. Once you take it out, there’s no way you’ll be able to notice that it wasn’t parted with a comb. I tend to be a little lazy with my hair… lazy hair girls unite!
  • I then took out the top part of my hair that was in a pony and wrapped it in the second part of the band.
This is what your hair should look like when all of it is wrapped. Pretty right? I totally wore my hair out like this day until it was all dry. I took out the band and then wore my curls out that night. I rewrapped it before bed and wore my curls again the next day. BOOM.  Not only is it pretty, its also crazy comfy. I sleep in this band ALL THE TIME and I honestly don’t even feel it or notice it. The only sad thing about it that my hubby can’t play with my hair at night anymore lol.
If you are wanting to pull some second day curls, just run some curl mousse through your hair and brush it out! It’ll be a little bit damp which is exactly what you want.

  • Once my hair was all dry (aka I woke up haha), I took out the band. Sometimes I struggle with this since I like to wrap my hair tight (for tighter curls). Basically you are just going to unroll your hair starting from the last place you tucked the ends in.
  • Pull that lovely thing out…
  • Fluff your hair until its just how you want it to look. I usually spray it with a light spray, just for kicks and rub some Argan oil in it to get out the frizzies.
  • Make sure and take a pretty selfie and tag @savvy_curls  and @eatglitterallday on insta!
Guys. This band really is a miracle worker. I am SO obsessed with it. I think that everyone can benefit from a heatless way to curl their hair. I love knowing that I can have pretty hair without thrashing it and can do it in a minimal amount of time.
Seriously. Buy one. They are so affordable and are so worth the money. Also… DUDES- get one of these for your wife for Christmas. She’ll love you forever.

Not convinced yet? Well… would a coupon code help? Be sure to enter savvyc1 for $2 off! #holla

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

*Thank you Savvy Curls for Sponsoring this post

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