San Diego

I thought I would do a little post about my quick work trip out to SD back in January! I had never been to San Diego before, so it was fun to pop out there and see what it was all about. Work wasn’t super crazy out there, we didn’t start until the afternoon on all of the days and also had some nice breaks. I just took my camera out on one of the days when we walked down the pier.

I loved all of the boats, yachts, and little stores scattered everywhere. Seriously so beach and SO California.
This sounds really dumb but I had no idea that this “Save the Kiss” statue was here…. so that was a fun surprise! Haha.
The USS Midway looked AWESOME but we didn’t have the time to do the entire tour. Its so freaking massive! It was cool to see all of the different aircrafts, even from far away.
I was able to go out on the town a little bit on the last night there- it was cloudy and gray but still really beautiful.
We tried a restaurant called, Spike’s Africa and it was actually pretty good! We arrived at the perfect time (no wait at all) and happen to be there during their ‘restaurant week’ which gave us a cheaper menu (#winning). I guess during this week, a ton of restaurants get together and do a sort of sampler menu to allow people to try some of their more popular items. We didn’t try any other places since these were legit dinner size portions. I had an amazing Clam Chowder before my fish- probably my favorite part of the meal!
All in all, I was really glad that I was able to go to San Diego- it was beautiful and nice to get out of the freezing weather for a weekend.

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