Rome or Paris?

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea that Paris had a Pantheon! Now theres no need to ever go to Rome. (Har-har. Jk)

October 28, 2011:
Shannon has been my little adventure buddy here in Paris. She is seriously the best person to go and see things with, we work on the same pace I think.

Being the kind soul that she is, went with me to go see the Natural history museum for class. I don’t know about her, but I loved this museum! It was so much fun. There were tons of cool things to see!

This is the gardens that they have outside of the museum. Supposedly, they also have a bird cage and kangaroos. So I shall have to go check it out. 

This is actually an exhibit in the gardens- the shoes actually talked haha. Weirdddd.

Yikes, these reminded me of the show, The Mummy. 
(The only show I ever got nightmares from!) 

Loved the bell tower, favorite part!
Eglise Saint Etienne (Made during Louis 13th reign)

Pantheon!!!! Gorgeous and huge!

Just shows a little perspective of how massive it is!

The inside was so cool 

Huge clock thing, giant golden ball was like the second hand

Saw Marie Curie’s grave!

Plus good ol’ Victor and Emile Zola (who is a GUY, just in case you were wondering)

We finished the day off with a little window shopping!

Best, classiest lingerie shop EVER

Okay, so there is there yummy thai place right by my house! Way out in Boulogne! Its called thai in box.. best part is that it is sooo cheap! Its only 9 euro for curry, tom ka, and a drink!! Thats a steal out here!!

On Halloween our host family was out of town. So my host-mom’s friend, named Gladis, took us out to an American diner. Which turned out to be mexican food. Which I was SOOO pumped about. I’ve missed chips and salsa! 

Gladis is seriously one of the sweetest ladys ever!! She is from Columbia I think… the sad part is that she is all alone. Her kids have all moved away and she is divorced. She is so sweet and doesnt deserve that!! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be sealed to my family for eternity. Miss them and I don’t know what I would do without them!!! 

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