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Hi friends! You’re catching me in Spain today but I wanted to share a post because I miss it! So today I’m going to talk a little about  a little resolution revamp that I am making. I’m all about making resolutions at the beginning of the new year- I love the feeling of starting fresh and having a whole new year full of all the things you hope to accomplish. But let’s get real, how many of us actually stick to our New Years resolutions? That’s why I love revamping my goals throughout the year so that I can get my booty back into gear and finish off the year strong.

So here we are, basically in September and have 4 months left of 2017. There’s definitely still time to at least make a serious effort for some of the resolutions way back from January 1. The biggest resolution I had at the new year was to lose my baby weight and “get back in shape” yeah… that’s not very specific haha. I also wanted to finish the TA Metamorphosis program and also her Perfect Design Series (which is 3 levels/DVDs).  My last fitness related goal was to get a regular stretch workout done each week to improve my flexibility.

There’s good news and bad news for my goals (naturally!) I officially got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight in about April (you can read more about that HERE) but my body looks different than it did before I got pregnant… all you mommas know that right? Instead of just focusing on the scale, I definitely should have focused more on my workouts after I did reach that weight. So I’m going to re-evaluate and make some more official goals once I hit each weight . And that leads me to my next resolution!

I still am working on my Metamorphosis program, but it’s been slow going because truthfully I have not been consistent with it. I finished the first DVD (days 1-30) and am still on the 4th level and have been for like a month lol. So embarrassing! I want to do each level for 10 days  and I’ve just barely finished level 4. Since we are on a little vaca right now, I am not doing my TA just because we could only bring a limited amount of luggage and I have no idea what the status in our Airbnb will be. When I get back home, I am headed straight into level 5! I plan on taking 2 weeks per level (5 days per week) which will have me finish on November 10. I’ll be following up here on the blog to keep myself accountable and on track.

After I am done with Metamorphosis, I am going to do the Perfect Design Series to finish off the year 🙂 Again, I plan on doing each of the DVDs for 2 weeks (5 days per week). I’ve only done these workouts here and there so I am excited to get good at them! These are hour long workouts instead of the 30 minutes in Meta. I’m not going to be adding in TA Dance Cardio during PDS because (surprise!) I am training for a Marathon starting in October 🙂 I’ll share more about that in the next little while, I’ve got a whole 32 week program coming at ya.

After pregnancy, I really felt like I had lost so much flexibility! I swear every joint was sooo tight (especially my hips). I purchased a Suzanne Bowen Stretching DVD which I really love. I enjoy the routines but I really have not been consistent so I’m going to keep trying. I am going to stretch each night for 10-15 minutes and do a complete stretching “workout” on Sundays for my day of rest workout.

I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself to lose a certain amount of weight or anything anymore. I’m really trying to focus on the behaviors that I can control and can be consistent about! Next week, I will be talking more about goals and why it’s better to set small goals instead of super-huge-earth-shattering ones. What’s one updated resolution you have for the rest of 2017? Time to get our butts into gear before 2018!! I hope you all have a great week this week and don’t forget to keep an eye on my instagram to see updates from Spain 🙂

*Photos taken at Aalborg, Denmark Music House

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