To say the least, it was a very dramatic Friday for us here at the Jerusalem center. 
Around 4:30 I woke up from taking a nice little nap on the bean bags in the Shekel shack and I was heading downstairs to go change into my workout clothes (I had to be looking fit for the prom alright?) 
And as soon as Skylor and I reached the stairs at the 6th level Bro Judd sprinted past us yelling, “Everyone get into the bomb shelter NOW!!!” 
At first I thought it was a joke… like no way. This can’t really be happening right? Jerusalem cant be getting bombed! 
Nevertheless, Skylor hustled me down to the 2nd floor shelter to wait it out. 
While we were waiting there, people were frantically trying to remember who was still out in the city. 
Honestly, I am so grateful that Sky is so level-headed. He was part of the reason I didn’t freak out. 
In total we were only in the shelter for about 20 min and they said it was safe to leave. 
We had a meeting with all the administration to discuss what was going to happen. 
The two missiles were probably a political statement and that everyone should resume normalcy as quickly as possible. They told us that the media would greatly exaggerate the incident (which was correct) but that everything would be fine and safe. 
And apparently we are the first students EVER to use the bomb shelter (as an actual bomb shelter- in reality we use it as a laundry room and a nursery) 
We are all safe and sound but it is very surprising that Jerusalem was targeted. This is the first time since the 67 war and quite a shock to everyone. Jerusalem houses the 3rd most holy site for the Islamic religion (Dome of the Rock, where Muhammad supposedly ascended to heaven). 
It will be very interesting to see what happens. There has already been a heavy retaliation on Israel’s part… now we are just waiting for Hamas and the Palestinian government to respond. 
ANYWAYS. In light of this event we still had our PROM! 
Skylor picked me up at my door. Awkward door pic anyone??
Flash back to the good ol’ high school days. 
I had to share my cute date with a couple other girls….
Haha. Best 3 wheeled date ever! 
Wallflower pic while our men were dancing with their concubines. 
Attempting the leap… Yeah still working on that back leg. 
All in all, a way good way to spend a friday night 🙂 

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