Pretty in Pink

Last night was probably one of the greatest of my life. I got to experience something absolutely amazing! And now, I am going to brag about it. 
Paris is famous for many a thing, but it is especially famous for their ballet. And when you live in Paris, you must go see the ballet! It was just not an option not to go. 
But silly me, I didn’t buy a ticket in time and they were completely sold out. The only seats left were the seats where you couldn’t see the stage, you could only hear the music. I’m sorry, that just wouldn’t do! 
So last night, Whitney, Maddy and I decided to go to the ballet and find tickets. We had to. And thats just what we did. We finally found 3 tickets after about 1 hour and a few prayers. The guy we bought the tickets from sold them to us for 50 euro… They were 12 euro seats (DONT PROCRASTINATE). But we had tickets, and thats all that matters. 
Im still soo pumped that we found tickets and that we were able to experience this. Paris = complete. I’d probably be okay if I died right now. Not really, but kinda. 
I definitely cried during the show, like one or two glistening tears. It was one of the most wonderful things that I have ever seen. 
Me and Whit walking up the stairs in the Opera house! AMAZING.

Our box + me trying to be ladylike when… 

…this is how I really felt! 
The gorgeous stage! A lot smaller than I thought it would be 

The chandeliers were gorgeous 
The box

View from my seat (I had to stand the whole time, but I didn’t really mind :))

The orchestra 

We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the performance, but heres Stage Call

Maddy and I 

Best group of girls… We share lots of special times together 

After that performance, I really wish that I had stayed in dance. 
Hollie = poser. 
But check out the Opera House! Magnificent!

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