Pregnancy So Far

So! The real reason I’ve been so MIA lately is because I’m pregnant!
I’ve been sicker than a dog so far with nausea 24/7. No joke. I kinda feel like I’m dying haha. I’m sure (well hoping!) that this awful phase will pass soon because I don’t know how much longer I can do this.
I know, I’m kind of a baby about it! When I went to the doctor on my first appointment, I did get a prescription that I think has been helping a little…. but maybe it’s all in my head?
Heat and driving make my sickness 100x worse so I’ve been trying to avoid those if I can.
My eating has been iffy because of some major food aversions so its been a ton of saltines, pretzels, toast and ginger ale. I told myself before I ever got pregnant that I would work my hardest to stay healthy BUT when you can’t keep much down and everything (seriously everything) makes me want to gag, you just do what you can. Meat literally makes me want to die still so there hasn’t been much protein going on.
I’ve already gained about 15 pounds since I found out I was pregnant…. which is discouraging. I know that some women gain weight quicker but I want to try my hardest to gain weight slowly (its better for the baby and for mom). I don’t want to deal with gestational diabetes or any other crazy things if I can help it. I’ll gain as much weight as I need to to keep baby healthy but that also means not gaining too much, too fast!
The first trimester I gained a lot of fluids (I think) because all of my clothes still fit normal. Between weeks 12-16 I gained 4 lbs which is on schedule (1 lb per week is not too bad).
Also, my feet already look swollen and gross! Ugh, not a fan.

As far as workouts go, I’ll be doing a DVD by DVD review so you can get a good idea about what might work best for you (if you happen to be pregnant). I’ve loved Tracy’s Pregnancy Project (obvs) but also found that I really like Ballet Beautiful/Ballet Baby. I haven’t only doing prenatal workouts, but I have modified them just a bit. I have also tried a couple of circuits from Kayla Itsines or the BBG program… I’ve figured out that these are way too intense because I puke right after. I’m the freak who doesn’t know how to tone down workouts haha. If I’m not dying its not a workout, right?
I’m really excited to be able to blog about my journey! This is my first pregnancy, so I’m sure it will be a huge learning experience but we are so excited with what is in store for the future! I can honestly say that I haven’t loved being pregnant so far. I’ve had a crappy attitude and have been feeling crappy sooooo I can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore haha. I’m going to be as real as I can on the blog- who likes fake people anyways? You’re going to see my weight and struggles on here, so be ready!
In case you are wondering, we will be having the baby in Denmark (yikes! I’m nervous to be so far from home) so if you have any tips on international baby birthing, send it my way!

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