Pre-Christmas PIIT Challenge

Happy Thursday friends! I am so excited this week because today is my birthday. Another year older (and hopefully wiser too), but it is a little bittersweet. My baby boy also turned ONE! We share a birthday (last year was literally the craziest time ever haha) and I freaking love that we get to share something so special together. But I’m feeling a little sad too because this year has just flown by. Some times I wish that each day was twice as long so that I could enjoy his baby-ness for longer 😉 Anyways! I’ll get on with the actual purpose of this PIIT post now!

This time last year, I was obviously in a very different stage of life. I was more focused on pushing a human being out of my body, how I was going to “lose the baby weight” and get back to normal as soon as humanly possible. I love my son and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a mom but I was really excited to fit back into my old clothes again and go back to feeling normal. I walked a ton (you can read more about why I love walking HERE) and went back to my routine of Tracy Anderson workouts, which was key in helping me drop the baby weight. However, now that I have dropped the baby weight, my body is still different and isn’t as strong as it once was. I keep on hurting my lower back because my abs are still super weak and I’m not seeing my body tone up like I want it to. So this year my goals are a little different!

Enter PIIT 28. I have done a ton of Blogilates videos on Youtube in the past and I wanted to continue with my pilates journey to help really strengthen my core (injury-free for life). Cassey has a 28 day/28 minute program that combines HIIT and Pilates. So obviously, I bit the bullet and decided to try it out. Usually I am not big on HIIT (explosive movements make my legs huge and that just isn’t the look I am going for) so I am going to make them low impact/basically just modify them to be less jumpy and we will see what happens!

The PIIT Program

PIIT is short for Pilates Intensive Interval Training, so it is a mix between high intensity and steady state exercises. PIIT 28 consists of 3 separate levels and you can/should(?) complete each level twice or complete two rounds. The PIIT program also contains a warm up and a Get Flexy program, which is a cool down and flexibility session all in one. You workout 6 days per week for only 28 minutes and 40 seconds a day (plus the warm up and get flexy), which is so reasonable! I love that the program is just a little shorter than I would usually do (aka TA’s 45 minute or hour long workouts) because I am still training for my marathon in May so I can’t be spending several hours everyday on workouts. I still have a life to live 😉

I’m really excited to see if my body changes and improves! We all have personal goals and physical attributes that we want to improve so I’m looking forward to what happens after each 28 day round of PIIT. I’m calling it my Pre-Christmas PIIT Challenge because I have just enough time to get in an entire round almost by Christmas (I will finish officially on the 29th). There’s no use waiting to start an exercise program until the New Year when you can just start now. No excuses to wait and put your health on hold. I’ll continue working out on the 30 & 31 of December but I will start level 1 round 2 in January.

I’ll be completing the #piitstagram photo challenge throughout these first 28 days, so be sure to go follow along on insta @eatglitterallday 🙂 If you are interested in doing PIIT with me (yay, you totally should!) you can purchase it HERE. It’s 50% until Friday with code CYBERMONDAY so you should take advantage of the discount and just buy the full PIIT28 Power Pack! (But if you want to try just Level 1, you can buy that HERE)

I really cannot wait to see how this goes, I’ve done days 1-3 and I really liked them! They are tough but I know they are only 28 minutes so I know I can make it to the end haha. Now excuse me while I go and soak up all my son’s baby-ness because now I have a one year old. I seriously still cannot believe it. Ahh, dying. Also, keep an eye out because I’m going to post our babymoon stuff here soon (I’ve totally slacked off because it’s been over a year… ugh life!) Have a fabulous week and don’t forget to do something that makes you sweat!