One Plate

This post is gonna be a short little challenge- yay! Who doesn’t love a good challenge?
​I’m calling it the one plate challenge. Wanna know more? I know you’re bursting at the seams 🙂
Making big changes in your diet and with your lifestyle can be really tough and very intimidating. It’s difficult to do an entire 180- to go from junk food to health food can be a real doozy.
So here’s my challenge… start with one perfect plate at a time. Just strive to make one meal everyday perfect! Its not too tough mentally. If you really feel like you’re going to die if you don’t give into a craving, you know you can have it at your next meal (it’ll help you learn how to put off cravings and wait it out!)
Cravings are psychological- not physical. Remember that its all in your mind!
But anyways. Start with just one perfect meal a day for the next 21 days. You’ll get a confidence boost from accomplishing a goal & you’ll build a good habit.
Try to do the same meal each day (for me, breakfast is so much easier than the other meals to get perfect!) and next month you can add a different perfect meal and keep building up from there.
I know that this seems slow, or that you won’t start losing weight with just this… but just remember that lifestyle changes are what really stick. Who cares if it takes you longer to lose weight or get healthy? As long as you get there, it doesn’t matter! Work to make lifestyle changes- ones that you can continue forever! Just think about it- wouldn’t you rather be in a situation where you aren’t yo-yo dieting or gaining and then losing weight? I’m all around so much happier when I’m not on a diet. Its just nice mentally to be doing something that is maintainable rather than something super drastic. Lose the weight once while making lifestyle changes is 100% the best option.

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