I don’t know if you guys have seen, but Old Navy has got some fab workout apparel. And it has basically all been on sale (wad up). AND they keep on releasing new styles…. sooo yeah. Get on it my friends!
For me, there is really no better motivation to workout other than I have some fancy sweat clothes.
Right now, its still obviously way disgusting outside. So the Old Navy fleece is a-freaking-mazing. Its so warm and fuzzy I could just die.

Funny story… I definitely only painted my nails on one hand today. I got distracted and totes forgot to do the other hand. You’re not here for that so… I guess I’m okay haha.
I’m on an Old Navy high right now cause they seriously have like everything your little heart could desire… hats, bags, , fleece and…
MESH freaking leggings.
You heard me.
I honestly think mesh is way sexy so… go team ON.
Moral of the story… if you are looking for some affordable and cute activewear, check out ON. Everything is freaking darling and its always a good price! Plus, they do sales like constantly so you can almost always get a discount #holla.
P.S. THUMB HOLES. My favorite part of any good sweatshirt. Its basically essential.
Sweatshirt: HERE
Pants: HERE
Bag: HERE 
I know the colors in this photo are kinda funky (like WTF is going on with my hand haha) but I thought it was a cool shot! Trying to teach Sky photography from the other side of the lens has been interesting at times to say the least… but he’s still captured some really sweet stuff in my opinion!

On a totally different and unrelated notes…. I definitely got into a car accident yesterday! Not to be dramatic or anything, but it totally traumatized me haha (I’m a wuss, I know). Luckily, it wasn’t anything super terrible but don’t accidents just shake you up?! Have you been in any accidents recently? I hope you have all been driving safely in this INSANE weather!

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