O Galilee, Sweet Galilee

Galilee was such a dream. I had such an amazing time! I feel so blessed to visit so many places where the Savior and His disciples walked while on the earth. I felt a little overloaded with field trips and I was completely exhausted by the end, but I wouldn’t change any of it! 
This was at the top of Mount Arbel- Skylor was so excited about his compass! 

Beautiful view! 
We did have a few 3 hour class blocks (talk about a long class period!) But there has been no better place to study the life of the Savior than in Galilee. 
Sunset view on the beach at our hotel in Galilee 
Sailing on the sea of galilee- ah it was perfect! 
Sunset at Capernum- a little slice of heaven!

Active mines at Kursi! Sky was loving it! 
(Excuse how trashy we look- it was pouring ring and we had to hike for a couple of hours at least!) 
We were able to go to the River Jordan (where John the baptist was traditionally baptized) after sacrament meeting in Tiberias. 
We had the chance to go up to Mt tabor to a church was built to commemerate the Mount of Transfiguration. The priest was polish (and luckily our teacher went to Poland on his mission!), and he liked our singing so much that he took us under the church and showed us the original grotto and he let us read the letters that people dropped down. 
So many letters!

This was at Megiddo- we were having way too much fun taking pictures at this site. 
This was the watch tower up at Hazor
Picture number 1…. 
Skylor’s response….. 
Bunkers overlooking Syria! Probably the closest I will ever get to a civil war… 

We got serious hops! 


The Mona lisa of the ancient world in Sepphoris 


Theater at Caesarea- just showing off my skills

Caesarea- beautiful view!! 🙂 
Skylor is seriously the cutest/best/sweetest/funniest boyfriend ever. 

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All in all, our trip was wonderful! And the oasis had a beautiful thanksgiving dinner waiting for us. 
And now we only have 12 days left. 12! I cant believe how fast time flies out here. Its insane. 

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