Nordy Love

So. Everyone loves Nordstrom. They have phenomenal customer service and gorgeous pieces available at their stores and online. BUT, like most college students/newly weds we can’t afford it a lot of the time.
Obviously, the next best thing is Nordstrom Rack (and I personally LOVEEEEEE shopping online and they make it so easy). Everything is good quality and its all significantly discounted. Which freaking rocks.
I only ever buy workout clothes cause… HI. I wear them the most and it totally motivates me to workout when I look cute.
I’ve really been digging Adidas stuff lately and I about died when I saw this jacket! For reals, I think that it is really cool in a sexy-sporty kind of way.
I hope that you guys like this outfit! I know that this technically isn’t a ‘fashion’ blog, but feeling good about the way you look is a part of being healthy and well! Honestly, being happy with the way you look can build self-confidence and encourage you to take care of your body (when you love/like yourself, you’ll treat yourself better, promise!)
I just wanted to take a second and thank you all so much for reading my blog and supporting me in this new chapter in my life! It’s a step outside the box and I am just super grateful! I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday 🙂

Glasses: Sold out, similar HERE and HERE
Jacket: HERE
Leggings: HERE 
Shoes: HERE