Nature’s Weight Loss Secret

Wanna hear a secret? It’s one of the biggest reasons why I’ve been able to lose all of my baby weight without any crazy diets or magic pills. It’s how I got over some of the depression and anxiety I felt post-partum and the best part is that it is completely free and totally accessible for you. Right now. The secret is…

The Forest at Sophienholm Denmark


Such an amazing and earth-shattering secret… right? I know that can sound a little juvenile but for reals. It is the best bang for your buck time-wise. You can turn it into mommy-baby time, family time or just hubby-wife time…. getting exercise in while you’re spending quality time together is basically a no brainer. What more do you want in life?

While we have lived in Denmark we have walked SO much. Like so freaking much. At first, I had a really hard time with it; my feet ached, it was too hot (they don’t have AC here really), we got lost a ton, etc. A part of that definitely could have been related to the fact that I was pregnant (haha, achy feet? achy back? achy everywhere?) but I think it was also because I wasn’t used to walking that much. I was so used to hopping in the car and just heading to where we needed to go.

After we got used to walking around to get where we needed to go (grocery store, church, school, etc) I swear I started to crave walking. It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen. Skylor and I will be relaxing at home with nowhere to be and we both just look at each other and need to get outside. We need to move our bodies or else we start going stir crazy!

After we made walking a part of our everyday normal life, I’ve been able to quite easily maintain my pre-baby weight. Sure, it doesn’t tone or strengthen the way a workout program does (that’s one of the reasons I always turn back to Tracy Anderson… her workouts just work for me personally!) but it does help you lose excess fat from all over your body, increases your cardiovascular endurance and just gives you an amazing foundation for any activities that catch your fancy! If you are walking regularly, you’ll definitely be able to keep up with your kids, carry your groceries, go hang gliding, scuba diving, paintballing…. ya know just normal everyday fun activities 🙂

So if you take anything from my blog at all take this as my most valuable secret… lace up your shoes and go explore. Just walk around and see where your tootsies take you. You might find something amazing (like this forest at Sophienholm!) or you might not but who cares? Getting out and about is so good for you. I promise that it will help you lose weight and improve your overall well being and health.

When you are out and about on your walks exploring your area, make sure you are prepared! If its hot outside make sure that you bring a big ol’ water bottle with you (and that you hydrate regularly while you’re out and about) and bring sunscreen too. And if it is cold outside, bundle up and make sure you have a nice warm cup of anything waiting for you when you get home (I personally loveeee drinking a cup of THIS anti-stress drink with warm water. It’s amazing!). If there are bugs or mosquitoes by where you live then don’t forget the bug spray! I prefer a few drops an all-natural option like THIS mixed with water in a spray bottle, but really anything will do as long as it actually gets taken with you on your walk 😉

Go out, explore with your loves (baby and spouse alike!) and just enjoy the views of where you live and move that body!

If you want to read more about Sophienholm where we took these pics, click HERE. I use the Ju-ju-be Diaper Bag, found HERE and our stroller is Bumbleride (sold out), newer model found HERE.

2 thoughts on “Nature’s Weight Loss Secret

  1. I live in a place where if you are walking it is because you are too poor to afford a car. People don’t walk for exercise anymore. It’s crazy. I even find myself driving 1/5 blocks to a store instead of walking there.

    1. It is crazy how it can change depending on where you live. It makes a huge difference depending on the culture. I had an assignment in college that I felt like helped a lot! For 2 weeks I walked everywhere that was within 1 mile. It wasn’t too bad and got me into a good habit.

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