Mend Juicery- 3 Day Cleanse

If you haven’t ever done a cleanse before… go to Mend right now and sign up. Cleansing is challenging and very rewarding- but keep in mind that this isn’t a quick weight loss trick or fad diet. The purpose of a cleanse is to detox and get your body plenty of nutrients. Seriously. This is not a drill, its the real deal. Its tough and will test your willpower to the max!
Mend does a fabulous job of having everything ready to go- they’ve got every hour planned out for you (they send you with a nifty little schedule card). The thing is that you will probably experience some side affects on your cleanse, not including hunger 🙂
-Digestive issues
To me, these side affects either meant I was getting toxins out of my system or that I needed a few more calories for the day. If its the latter, broth and soup are amazing at getting in the needed calories while still giving your digestive system a rest. If its the former, try to sweat it out. Turn on a heater- take a hot bath- literally anything that will help get the toxins out faster! Water also helps A TON.


There are some awesome benefits for having someone else prep your cleanse for you/buying a pre-made cleanse; knowing that you can just go pick it up and it will be in your fridge waiting for you is priceless! It also limits the amount of time that you have to spend in the kitchen and around food… I’m a big believer in ‘out of sight, out of mind.’
On the other hand, these cleanses can get pretty pricey. I try to wait for deals and coupons to come around but if you want to do a cleanse, and can’t afford the pre-made ones, try juicing at home! Invest in a juicer just one time and you can enjoy the benefits whenever you please. I enjoy picking out my own recipes and creating new juices- I can pick and choose exactly what I want in my juices (for example- I HATE the taste of beets… the #4 Mend juice has beets. Usually they can substitute it for you if you make a special request but still). It is nice to control exactly what you want to drink. It will take time and effort but you can’t have your cake and eat it too, right?

I won’t claim that I was perfect on this cleanse- progress is more realistic than perfection! I slipped up a couple of times- I hope the next time I do a 3-day cleanse, my willpower muscle will be stronger haha. Although, I will say that doing a cleanse when you can stay at home is SO MUCH EASIER. I can control the distractions in my own home… but when I am at work and other people are eating or drinking things that I shouldn’t be, its extra tough. I did my cleanse from Sunday-Tuesday and Sunday was by far the easiest day. I could sleep/nap whenever I felt hungry or felt dizzy and the sleep always helped.
Even though I did slip up, and even though it was really hard I felt a huge difference- especially in the restfulness of my sleep. I fell asleep quickly and slept really well. I LOVE that. There are so much perks when you baby your body. Literally- insane. It is easy to forget that you don’t feel great when that is your everyday reality. When you give your body a taste of how it should feel- the difference is amazing.
If you end up trying a cleanse or juicing on your own, I want to hear about it! One of these days I will do a post of my favorite at home juices so you can get some recipe ideas 🙂

PS- if you end up doing a pre-made juice cleanse, save your bottles! They are awesome to reuse for your own juices and drinks! Plus you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and we are all about taking care of the earth, right?