My Marathon Training 101

Hi guys! I’m so pumped to be talking to you today about my Marathon Training and share with you my 32-week training program. I’ve been talking a little bit about my running over on my instagram, but if you haven’t seen anything about it here’s what is going down!


I will be completing (hopefully ;)) the Copenhagen Marathon in May 2018. I’ve always had a goal to run a marathon and decided to just buckle down and actually do it. I’ve run several half marathons,  a sprint triathlon and this past September I ran a Viking Race (an obstacle course race) with my girlfriends and I just love the atmosphere and energy of race days!


A marathon is a serious accomplishment- 26.2 miles is out of control haha! But with the right amount of training (and time) I definitely think that it is doable and can be enjoyable. I wouldn’t consider myself a serious runner so I think that anyone can do a marathon if they stay consistent with an extended training program and recruit their friends or family to do it with them!

Find a friend

Instead of doing this marathon all by myself, I asked my friend Shannee to run with me. The first time I talked to her about it, I didn’t even finish the question before she committed and said yes (I was obviously beyond relieved because who wants to run 26 miles by themselves?). We have been running together once a week and its been so nice to have some support on the runs. It is also super helpful to have someone to vent to when I don’t feel like running (and vice versa) because at least one of us will be feeling good and can talk the other one out of the funk to get up and get moving. The other thing I love about Shannee is that she had a baby just a few weeks after me, so we are both on our postpartum fitness journey! We like being able to complain to each other about how crappy it is to get back in shape after your baby haha.

Switch it up

Okay, onto the training program! I am in week 7 of my 32 week program and I have felt pretty good so far. I am not breaking any speed records by any means but I can definitely tell that I am past the initial hump and running is starting to feel good (aka not so sucky). I have a long run of 7 miles this Friday, so wish me luck! I’ve been teaching U-Jam and doing Tracy Anderson as my cross training during the week. I believe in being active everyday, but I also think that switching up your activities is super important. Give your body a break from running everyday (or dancing everyday, or whatever it is you’re doing) so that you can hopefully avoid overuse injuries. Your body uses muscles in different ways with different activities so don’t be afraid to get physical everyday. However, if you can just tell your body needs a rest then take a rest day! There is no shame in that whatsoever. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.

If you want to join me in training, please do! I suggest finding a marathon in your area (or if you’re willing to travel, find one that excites you) and get working. Count out the number of weeks until the marathon and get running. I would suggest that you be able to run/jog a solid 3 miles before you start any training program. If you want to use my training program, make sure it is at least 32 weeks away! Seriously, take your time with training. You (probably) aren’t running it to win it so just take it easy. There are a lot of training programs out there that are 12-20 weeks, so if that works better for you that is totally fine too.

Below is the download for my 32 week training program (completely free!). I hope you guys like it and that it works for you. Just as a disclaimer: I am not a physician nor am I assessing your fitness levels/ability in person so you are downloading and completing this training program at your own risk. I would love to hear about your training and running when you start and throughout your program! You can always hit me up here, or tag/message me on instagram (@eatglitterallday). I love when you guys include me in your #fitspo posts, it makes me so happy! I’ll keep you updated on my journey as well 🙂 Oh! Any of my readers that are in the Copenhagen area, come and run with me! We can plan a time to do some of our runs together.

Download here:

Marathon-Training.pdf (253 downloads)