Lions and Tigers and Bears… OH MY!

Joining the circus is as easy as 1…2…3…. 
Don’t you fret. 
All you need to know is; how to train a tiger, how to balance on a chair in the air, swing in a patch of fabric, and basically be able to bend yourself in half. No big deal. Obviously. 
If you know me, and if you are reading this blog then you probably do, I LOVE animal print. Cheetah is a fav but tiger is right up there too.
Or is it Tigger? 🙂 

This little act was so beautiful. I was mesmerized. 

And we all agreed that in order to act like that, there was some definite chemistry behind scenes…

Wahoo! Gotta love this shot!

Riley, Kelly and yours truly 

LOVED the chandeliers. So circusy. Thats probably why they have them there.

No circus experiment is complete until Cotton Candy is involved. 
Fluffy = <3 

FAVORITE ACT BY FAR. These people could literally bend themselves in half. Absolutely incredible. So strong. So flexible. 

Plus, all they were wearing was a thong… 
Thats always a good time. 
I love me some circus! One of the best things I’ve done here so far. 

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