Jillian Michael’s Hot Bod Circuit

I’ve had this set of workout cards forever and they are one of my go-to workout sets… especially when I travel!
I’m pretty sure I snagged these at a Borders before they closed the store so they were mega cheap, but Amazon still sells them HERE. These would be a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone that’s into fitness (or you can always sneak them into your own stocking πŸ™‚ ).
Jillian has a few preset circuits but its also SO easy to go through and create a circuit that works for you. Hate burpies? Use something different, there’s a ton of options! I like to use the preset circuits as a base and then switch out exercises as I want to/need to. Makes for only a little bit of prep work for a unique workout. I’m the type of girl that loves to switch up my workouts to avoid boredom- I enjoy a different challenge every now and again! I struggle making it through a 90-day preset program just because I don’t love repeating workouts super often. It’s one of my goals next year to officially finish a 90 day-er.
I’ve made a few modifications to this circuit but I hope you like it!
​What do you guys think about the slideshow photo effect? Does it work well when you’re trying to do the workouts or is it a hassle to have to wait?
Just a disclosure… I’m not claiming that my form is perfect. This is just how I would complete the exercises with a weight that was easy to demonstrate with. Feel free to up the weight if you need to!

1. Dumbbell Presses on Body Ball

You’ll do 20 reps of these. Make sure you are exhaling on the push upward. Hold for a beat at the bottom. Remember to keep that booty up!

2. Dumbbell Fly on Body Ball with Crunches

Complete 20 reps. Be sure to exhale on the way up and try to keep your arms parallel to the floor when in the lowered position. This is also a core workout, so try and activate your abs, mmk?

3. Squats

50 squats, no rest, no weights. Be sure to squeeze your butt on the way up to get some extra burn (haha I kinda laughed while I typed that).

4. Sprints

Follow up with a 1-minute sprint; 7mph (women) and 9mph (men). If you’re outside without a treadmill, just run as quickly as you can without totally exhausting yourself.

5. Plank

Hold pose for 20 seconds. Keep your core tight, back straight and booty down.

6. Close Grip Push Ups

You’ll do 10 reps of these bad boys. Keep your hands as directly under your shoulders as you can (I should’ve brought mine in a bit closer- perks of taking pics, right?) Also, I did girl push ups cause, well, I need to work on my strength. Feel free to do ‘boy’ push ups if you can! Try to pull your elbows into your sides as much as you can on the way down.

7. Side Planks with Inner Thigh Raise

This is a very small movement! You are doing 10 reps on each side, so 20 reps total. Keep your core strong and your belly button pulled in. From a regular side plank, lift your leg towards the ceiling. Try to keep it as straight as you can.

8. Plank Pose

Repeat plank pose for 20 seconds. Same rules apply as before πŸ™‚

9. Close Grip Push Ups

10 more reps. Challenge yourself to try some boy push ups! I did, but they were definitely not as pretty haha.

10. Side Planks with Inner Thigh Raise

Again- repeat as before. 10 reps on each side.

11. Plank Pose

20 more seconds!

12. Burpies

Go straight into burpies from plank pose. Do 10 reps (sucka! JK). From the plank you will jump your feet in towards your hands so that you are in a squatting position. From the squat, jump straight up, return to squat and jump back to plank. Boom.

13. Sumo Squats

You’ll do 50 reps of these at a quick pace. Make sure your feet are wider than shoulder width apart and angle your feet outward. Be sure to not let your knees go beyond your toes.

14. Sprints

1-minute sprint; 7mph (women) and 9mph (men).

15. Frog Push Ups

Do 20 reps of these really weird push ups. Stay on your palms and the balls of your feet throughout the exercise and try to keep your shins parallel with the floor and your knees off the ground. These feel really awkward but they are also tough and a good exercise!

16. Static Lunges with Lateral Shoulder Raise

Regular lunge with a regular lateral raise. 10 reps with each leg forward. Be sure not to let your knee go over your toes.

17. Bicycles

50 reps- 25 on each side. Remember to bring the opposing elbow to each knee, keep your core tight and your leg straight (well the one that is extended).

18. Jump Rope

Jump rope for 1 minute. My favorite cardio exercise πŸ™‚

You can repeat this circuit again, for a better workout. I like to finish with cardio- 20 minutes on treadmill is perfect. I stay at around 5mph- a steady pace is just fine to end this workout.

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