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Okay, so first of all, I’m really sorry about the sporadic posting… Things are always crazy here- as you can imagine! This post is definitely going to be a long one. I promise to write a lot. And no, you don’t need to read it all. Here goes. 
One of my favorite parts (among about 5 billion other things) is the random street artists that blast their jams. You can catch them in the street, metro, churches, basically anywhere. I love romping through the metro and hearing instrumentals and vocals all the way down the corridor! It always puts a smile on my face and reminds me that I am in a sweeeet place. It also makes the 45 min trek to school a lil easier. 

This building is directly outside the metro stop that I get off for school everyday. It’s called Hotel de Ville. This place is best known and remembered for the executions that took place here. The square in front is where we went to watch the world Rugby game last sunday (future post!!) 
The square currently houses a cute little carousel! Have to get myself on one of those before I leave. 

So for one of my classes, Paris Walks, I am supposed to go explore the city. The other day we went to the Notre-Dame and of course we found a few little treasures along the way. 

These matching little people were in the middle of an iron covering of a door. I have no idea what the building was but I love these!! The boy and the girl were facing each other— lovely 🙂 

The backside of Notre-Dame. Every single time that I see this cathedral- I just get giddy inside. Its still unreal that I see this in person just about everyday. 

France is infested with lovers… and it always makes me a lil upset inside. I have never been in love. Wouldn’t Paris be the perfect romantic place to fall? AHHHH. So jealous. 

All of the times that I have been to Notre-Dame I have seen people feeding the birds. I just thought that they were kookies that had bird friends. 
This is not Mary Poppins. 
This is real life. All you have to do is sing a cute little song and they will come! 

Okay, okay. I’m kidding. Bread works wonders. 
I love this shot! Those birds were so cute- and for a second I felt like Snow White. I was nervous that the birds were going to pluck at my hand. Didn’t hurt one bit. They can find the bread with their eyes closed. 

I made a promise to myself, that when I came to Paris I had to light a candle and send up a prayer in the Notre-dame. I am a faithful LDS chickadoo. BUT. I wanted to show my respect to the Catholic traditions. These is a church that has been around for a longggg time. And essentially they believe the same things that I do (with a few exceptions!) God listens to their prayers, just as much as he listens to mine. 

This was a little experience that I will never forget. The inside of the Notre-Dame is magically and awe-striking (I hope thats a word!! haha) 

Okay. Now for the Pompido. What a crazy little place this is. 
There are no words to describe it. 
Its a modern art museum. Thats about all I can say. We say this beauty first… 

It is made out of bottle caps… and other trash haha. I’ve gotta commend the artist on creativity/ DIYness.

I LOVE andy warhol. Such an interesting artist. 

Super sketchy (ahh cant remember the artist) It is so cool but it started to give me a headache after a few minutes… and then I started seeing things. Thats always awkward. 

Uh….. yep. had its own wall. Maybe I should do that in my house? I wonder if the artist bought those frames…..?

And another Uh….. I understand the idea, I think. But thats only because there were pictures of world disasters hanging up. Dont get the duct tape though.

AMAZING view. 
Always a good time. There was a little cave with this background. Art? 
You decide. 

After the Pompido (which I forgot to say, that A TON of parisians HATE. They think that it is atrocious. Then again a lot of them hate the Eiffel tower too!) 
But anyways, we went on another Paris Walk. This time we went to the Place de la Concorde and surroundings. Which included the Palais de l’Elysee (houses the president of the French republic!), British embassy, the American embassy, the oldest and most expensive Hotel in Paris (Hotel de Crillon). 
These government buildings are under intense surveillance- pictures are NOT allowed! And one chick walking down the street, pulled out her camera and the guard across the street blew his whistle and yelled. Yikes. 
But the opposite side of the street housed some expensively wonderful boutiques. 

Park by the Place de la Concorde— wonderfully charming little place. 
Ps. Did you know that France is America’s oldest ally?? 
Everyone just needs to love france, I guess. 

View from the Jardin des Tuileries (which is right by the Place de la Concorde square, where Marie Antoinette and Louis the 16 were executed) 

My time here is Paris is quickly coming to a close. I AM FREAKING OUT.
Im going to cry when I leave. 
And then get really excited on the plane. 
J’adore Paris. 

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