Its Hanukah time!

Today was our last full day here in Jerusalem. What is happening?! I swear we are in a time warp. This cant be real I swear. I will be home in America on Thursday. Today is Sunday. YIKES. Tomorrow and Tuesday we have full day field trips… it will be full of cool sites but it will be exhausting I know. 
Anyways, today was definitely a good day. 
We started off with a trip to the roof of the Holy Sepulcher. It was awesome and so clean!! I never get to see Jeru like that. It was a nice change. 

Looking down at all the peoples. 

Skylor and I on the lookout 

We went out to West Jeru (Jewish) and got Hanukah donuts. Um hi, they were the 

After our trip to WJ we headed straight over to wait in line to see this gorgeous monument. Im honestly gonna miss seeing this everyday. 

We finished our journey with a few last minute shopping stops and a quick pitstop at the Holy Sepulcher, this is the place where Christ was supposedly crucified- we had about 30 secs in there but it was still way cool! 
Oh man. Im going to miss this place. 

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