How to Start the Tracy Anderson Method

Hi guys! I have had quite a few questions about where to buy Tracy Anderson workouts, which one to start on and what the different programs are, so I thought that would do a breakdown so that you can get TAM-ing.

Which DVD do I start on? 

Well, it depends on your current fitness level:

  • If you haven’t been working out regularly (ie 3 days a week), I would start with her Mat Workout for Beginners and her Cardio Dance for Beginners. TA actually walks you through each movement (which is great because her method/exercises are a little unconventional) and they will help you build up your strength and endurance. I don’t think that it’s a great idea for anyone to start off with a workout that is more difficult than you are able to do because of two reasons: it can make you feel discouraged at your current fitness level/shape and you are more prone to injury. Don’t get me wrong, these workouts say “Beginner” but I think you will find them satisfying and challenging. I started with these workouts post-pregnancy (at 6 weeks) and I think they were awesome. In fact, I am still doing the Cardio Dance for Beginners right now while I complete her Post-pregnancy DVDs.
  • If you workout 3 or more times per week & you feel like you are in good shape, I would start with her Precision Toning and alternate it with her original Mat Workout. Her Precision Toning DVD is a newer release that has 4- 15 minute sections and she talks and walks you through each movement (really key if you’re new to TA). Her Mat Workout is a little older, so when you pop it in it will seem a little dated but its a tough workout that’ll get you used to the way she executes her method.

Where to buy TA? 

Amazon will be your best friend when ordering (most) of her content. Almost all of TA’s DVDs are listed on for a great price (under $10 a piece). This is the cheapest and fasted way to get her content. She also sells her DVDs on her website ( and she also has a couple DVDs that are only sold on her website (her mini trampoline workout, Post-pregnancy 2 and Metamorphosis) so if you really get into you can order those couple on her website but they are a bit more expensive. TA recently adding a digital streaming library on her website where it looks like you can buy the DVD content to stream on your devices.

(PS- I heard that Metamorphosis can sometimes be found at Costco! So keep an eye out there)

What’re the different TA programs? 

She has quite a few different programs out there- each has some different pros/cons.

  • TA Real Time Streaming: Each Wednesday a new master class and a new express class is uploaded onto her website that you can follow along with. This is raw footage of Tracy actually teaching classes in her studio, which I think is so cool!
    • Pros: you get new content weekly and the music is more modern
    • Cons: its quite expensive (about $100 a month) and she sometimes uploads late
  • Metamorphosis: this is a 90 day program that is designed to help your specific problem areas. She has a different set of DVDs for people who gain all over (Omnicentric), people who need help with their butt area (Glutecentric), people who gain in their abdomen (Abcentric) and those who have a problem with the hip and thigh area (Hipcentric). This is the program that I did before I got married and lost about 15 lbs and I felt like had a lot of success with it (I am hipcentric).  There are 9 workouts that come with the program and 1 dance cardio.
    • Pros: affordable for how much content you get! I love the new content every ten days. The DVDs are only 30 minutes long (she asks you to do 30 minutes of Muscular Structure and 30 minutes of Dance Cardio).
    • Cons: the music is pretty boring
  • DVDs: she has so many DVDs out there to try! If you don’t want to follow a set program and want to switch it up, this is the way to go.

I know that I was kind of a lot of info, so hopefully it makes sense! Please let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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