Home from the Holidays


Needless to say, we are a little bit sad to be home.
Seriously though. We had the best”first” Β Christmas ever. It doesn’t get much better than hanging out with the greatest people you know for 10 days straight. There was a lot of beaching, game playing, dancing & sunning.

After such a crazy busy semester, it was nice to take a load off and get out of UT.
Our trip started out with a seriously delayed flight & some taco bell. It ended with a NYE kiss somewhere over the pacific & some red-eye flight cuddling.


See more pics from our trip on my “Fotos” page πŸ™‚

Landon Baker
And!!! In addition to having the greatest vacation EVER, we had 2 new babes added to the family!
Congrats to my sweet sister, Katie andΒ my bro-in-law Daniel.Β They haveΒ some seriously cute kids! And are bomb.com parents. Ask anyone!
The Steed fam bam also added a new member! Good luck on round 1, Taylor and Tyler!

Oaklee Thurston
Β Now would be a good time to ask me if I am baby hungry….

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