So tonight, Bean and I had kinda a crazy night. The only way to really explain our adventure is to have Bean narrate for a little bit-

“Yo what up nigzzz? Tonight was most definitely a much needed, wonderfully fantastic, exponetially terrific evening. Hollie and I dresses up sassy-as-can-be and hit the dance floor with our jaw-dropping moves. Not to brag, but we were the life of the party (Orem had no idea what hit it). We meant some super sweet guys and exchanged digits in order to continue the fun! The fellas (which were hot, I preferred the black one naturally) followed us to Hollies. We spent hours into the wee morning talking and laughing, with a little (ok, a lot) of back massaging. These adorable boys provided a night full of laughter and flirtation. The night was a massive success because the boys promised to come visit us in Provo again VERY soon. Dear Provo Boys, you have been outshined by Weber State Men! Holla at your girl, homies!
Forever and always,

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