His & Hers Easter Baskets

Easter. If you didn’t know, it’s like pretty soon. Like March 27 soon. Sooooo, I decided to do a little inspo post for you guys on how to get thru this holiday in a healthy (ish/ier) way.
Cause Hi. Who doesn’t like the holidays? Especially ones that signify that Spring is hurrr. First day of Spring was officially on Sunday so its time to celebrate!
I snagged these at Hobby Lobby for 40% off (visit their website for the daily coupon) and I am obsessed. HL always has the cutest crafty stuff. I puffy heart it so much.
Easter is known for peeps and other straight up high sugar treats. There’s nothing wrong with a good treat here and there but its not good for anyone to eat a basket full of sugar! My goal with these baskets was to fill it with quality rather than quantity.
I like candy. I have the hardest time giving it up so my Easter basket needs at least one thing- these caramels will hit the spot perfectly & I won’t even feel that guilty because the box is small and its the only ‘candy’ I’ve got in my basket. The point is to find other things that can replace the candy. Rice cakes and a sweet little drink will do the trick perfectly!
I filled Skylor’s basket with a couple of things that he had been asking about- suspenders, pecans and a shirt (he’s working on revamping his t-shirt wardrobe 😉 ). I added in some jerky and chocolate and voila! It’s a basket full of goodies without too many goodies. If you know what I mean?
Don’t be scared to fill your baskets (and your kids baskets) with things other than food. It will last longer and honestly, just overall better for your health! We don’t have any kids so I didn’t do a kid basket obviously- but stick to the classic toys and hit up the dollar store for some cutesy little things.
I hope this helps you guys when you are thinking about what to put in your Easter baskets this year! Books, ties, socks, hairstuff, makeup and shoes would all be killer in a basket! I’d love to see what you guys put together 🙂 Don’t forget to tag me on insta (@eatglitterallday) with your Easter basket revamps!