Hello Fresh Review

Grocery delivery is the new thing and let me tell you, it is awesome. It was so so nice not to have to plan out 3 meals! Knowing that they would be dropped off at my door definitely took my stress level down a notch.
Hello Fresh creates recipes, preps most of the ingredients and delivers them right to your door. They’ve cut out a ton of processing time (everything is already measured for you and you don’t have to wash anything- its all ready to be cut!) and honestly it was delicious, flavorful and (you guessed it) fresh.
Our box was delivered on Thursday morning in an refrigerated box- since I work during the day, the food wasn’t put into the fridge until about 6 pm. I was nervous about that, but the packaging and ice packs made everything stay nice and cool- Hello Fresh has a great set up.

The  meals were pretty dang  good and it was just so nice to have everything already ready to go.
The one complaint that I do have is that the proportions are great for people who are trying to watch their food intake (like moi) but not so great for the husband, who has a bigger appetite than I do. Although they were yummy, he still had to eat a snack after dinner- not the biggest deal but worth mentioning!
If you are interested in trying Hello Fresh, there are a few promo codes floating around- definitely check Retail Me Not. I found a promo code for $40 off and priority shipping (7XYNRG)- if you find any other ones, post them in the comments below!
If you just wanted to try some of the recipes, they’ve got them posted online- nutrition info and all. Give one a go and see what you think (go here).

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