Happiest Place on Earth- 2nd Edition

I feel like I have been playing catch up this whole entire trip. But at least its getting done, right?

October 21, 2011:

Went to DisneyLand Paris!! I absolutely loved it. I can never have enough disney in my life. After missing the family trip this summer (I was in Lake Powell), I just HAD to go here in Paris. I loved every second of it! There were probably about fifteen girls who went on the same day- we split up a bit, though. I think the ride conductors would’ve ripped our heads off if we said we needed 15 spots on every ride. Yikes.

The 21st was the perfect day to go because all the kids were still in school (it was just before one of their holiday breaks!) And it was decorated all cute for Halloween! It was one of the only halloweeny things that I got this year 🙁 Oh well, it was good enough!!!

Bienvenue!! It doesn’t get better than having Mickey Mouse welcome you with open arms.

Main street 

Indiana jones was the first ride we hit up, of course!! Its my favorite ride back home. 
SOOO pumped!

Unfortunately, its not nearly as awesome as the original… but still fun!

Argggg matey! (Nearly the same!)

Its a small world… just as annoying as ever!
Sammy and I, love this lil chica!
Curtsey for the queen of hearts! 

Trying to pull the sword from the stone. Almost got it, promise. 
There was this little boy who went up before us, I know that he was convinced that he was going to be able to pull it out haha. So adorable. 

Found a turkey leg!! 

Poccahauntas (I never know how to spell that…) is my favorite princess. So when we found teepees obviously I had to get a picture. 
Indians never smile, dont ya know?

As you can imagine, Im getting really poor out here. 
As much as I wanted to get minnie ears… it just wasnt in the cards for me this time. 
Had to get a pic anyways 🙂 
Rapunzel! and Flinn Rider. I love them!
Favorite celebrity couple 

Thunder Mountain = amazing. Wayyyy better than the one in Cali! It was so much fun!

Star tours (cant believe they had this!) 
Was so much fun, especially cause the movie was in french haha.
This is the ONLY normal drinking fountain that I have found in France, yay!

Space mountain also UNREAL. Ive never seen the line that short. It took us longer to walk all the way through than to actually wait. 
We only went on this ride 4 times in a row, dont judge. Youre just jealous. 

Also wish I couldve bought this hat. 

Its not disney without teacups!
Goodbye Disneyland! 
I loved this day, it reminded me so much of being home in America. 
The only bummers were: 1) No churros 2) No fireworks 3) The park closed at 7 pm
Can I please be a princess when I grow up?? 

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