First of all, I tried to make these photos as real and authentic as possible. If I’ve learned one thing about Tracy, its that she tries to incorporate authenticity into everything she does. So here ya go- the lighting is not perfect, the room is a mess (its the workout/spare room) and I didn’t edit out any cellulite or ‘fix’ anything about my body. I had Skylor come and take pics of my actual workout, no posing here… its a legit workout.
But moving on.
At the beginning of the yea, Tracy (find her on insta @tracyandersonmethod) released that she was going to be putting on a 33 day challenge for her #tamily. She calls is the ‘Got Your Back Girlfriend.’ Essentially, everyone had to find a partner that they wanted to get to know better (or someone they already loved) and keep each other accountable. That’s where the whole #gybg thing comes in. I was added to a whole group of women on insta and then I paired up with a cute gal named Justine. It has been SO fun to get to know her and to gain inspiration and support from her.
I’ve done Tracy Anderson stuff for a long time (I did her metamorphosis program before my wedding and I lost a ton of weight!). But up till now, I had never tried her Streaming workouts. What is this ‘streaming’ you ask?
Well, basically Tracy goes thru once per week and records herself teaching a master class (MC) or beginner class. You can access these videos on her website after you sign up with a subscription. These same videos stay up for a week and then get replaced with a new one each Wednesday (so you are always switching it up).
Personally, I enjoy streaming or TA Real Time so much more than the DVDs strictly because it feels like you are in a class with her. Its raw and real. I have always loved exercise classes at the gym and this has become my new favorite way to workout.
Her method truly is one of a kind. The way that she structures her workouts and her movements keeps your mind involved and forces you to focus on exactly what you are doing. It’s hard in a way that I had never experienced before Tracy.
In addition to her mat or muscular structure work, she’s also known for her cardio. Its dance-oriented and I seriously LOVE it. Always gets me sweating and always keeps my mind busy and concentrated (so you don’t get bored).
If you decide that streaming isn’t for you or is a little to pricey (which is where I am at… I could only afford one month of streaming so I chose to do it during the challenge) then try her DVDs! She has a ton of newer stuff on Amazon, which tends to be a little more user friendly if you’ve never worked out with her before. She also sells a ton of her DVDs on her website (found HERE). If you’re interested in trying her out for a while, I’d suggest trying her meta program. Its a 90 day program that gives you a new mat workout every 10 days (its so nice to switch it up).
As always, I’d love to hear if you try Tracy out and what you think! I’ve become obsessed with way she teaches and I think you will too. Be sure to tag me on insta (eatglitterallday) if you try it out, or just check out my page to see a bunch of #gybg stuff 🙂