Green Chef

Guys, there are so so many food delivery services out there to try… its seriously insane. Every time I turn the corner, there’s a new ad up for a new delivery company. So in the spirit of giving everyone a chance, I decided to place an order from Green Chef and see what they had to offer.
The food came in an awesome box- with tons of insulation and ice packs. It stayed cold all day long (which could be due in part to the cold Utah weather lol). Everything was labelled which was amazing.
One of the biggest perks to get a food service is that they measure out everything for you… it is SO convenient. I’d say that it cuts down the prep time by more than half. Plus- look at those cute little containers??? I’m obsessed.
The first meal I made was the Adobo Eggplant Quesadilla with Black Bean-Quinoa Salad. Cause yeah. Hi, quesadillas are our favorite. We are obsessed and these quesadillas were so satisfying. Skylor even liked the eggplant (woot woot!) It was so easy and the food is so high quality, it was delicious.
The other meals were equally amazeballs: Asian Chicken Noodle Soup, Black Rice Ramen and Shiitake Mushrooms & Cheesesteak-stuffed Pepper and Home-fries with Caraway Kraut. Helloooo.

Keep in mind that all food deliveries are usually pretty expensive, so make sure you have accurate expectations about pricing. We can’t afford this always but on busy weeks, its a life saver. Green Chef makes is so easy to skip weeks & they always send out reminders if you want to turn it on or off for that week.
Let me know if you try it! Don’t forget to tag any of your Green Chef meals on insta with @greenchef and #iamgreenchef with your chance to win a free meal! (insert dancing emoji here….). Don’t forget to #eatglitterblog and I’ll take a look at them too!