So Friday was our last day of finals…. obviously we had to go out and celebrate!! 
It included waffles, shopping and a rooftop walk out in the old city. It was honestly such a good time 🙂 
I cant believe that this semester is drawing to a close. It seriously feels like we just started. Its extremely bittersweet but I think its time to go home. 
Skylor and Eric nomming on their delicious waffles!

This was my cream cheese-cinnamon sugar waffle. So good! 

Our cute group at the little hole in the wall waffle house 

Loved this lego trash can! 

Skylor and I on the rooftops 

This is in the old city heading out towards Damascus gate- it was way chill because of Shabbat. Half of the people were already closed! 

Our awesome Jewish friends. Haha we LOVE their hats! 

Overlooking the Jerusalem sunset 

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