I am sufficiently freaked out right now. I have less than a week left here in good ol’ Europe. It feels like a dream. Im not ready to write my ‘conclusions’ of my adventure out here. But I do need to write a little bit.

I’m completely torn between my two worlds that I live in. I miss my family more than they will ever know. Being out here on my own and shown me just how much those guys really do mean to me. I can’t imagine my life without them, and I am so glad that I never have to. I would do anything for any of them without any hesitation.

But I also kinda like this other world that I have been exploring. A world where I am only myself. I had to find who I was in order to ‘survive’. It has been the greatest learning experience of my life and I wouldnt give it up for anything.

Whether I like it or not, utah is coming for me in 6 days.

That is, if I survive finals. Wish me luck!!

Also, for our program T-shirts we all put Daryl’s face on it. 
haha. Awkward… Love it though. 

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