February and Stuff

February came and went so quickly! I swear, time is flying. We have some exciting changes coming up and we cannot wait to talk about them! But for now… here’s some of our happenings from last month.

Skylor has been begging for some type of reptile… so I opted out of the snake and in for leopard gecko. He loves that Guy. For reals- his name is Guy (middle: co; last: fox) Anyone?
Also, my mom bought the sweetest little puppy! Lucy is a golden doodle full of life and so so freaking cute. I die. She is growing up so quickly, I swear every time we go upstairs she is bigger!
Skylor’s little brother was in a high school pageant (for lack of a better term). It’s called Mr Springville- he did such an awesome job! It was a hoot to watch his performance. He’s the biggest goof I know.
Skylor and I celebrated Valentines Day with some quality time at home together and a trip to Cheesecake factory. Why are we so obsessed with that place?!? Haha. I swear- every holiday or event we end up up there. So grateful to have this sweet man as my forever Valentine- he makes life infinitely better!
I taught my very first U-Jam class at Vasa fitness last month… so nerve wracking! I forgot my choreo a couple of times but it ended up all good. I was like dying by the end of class haha- way different when you teach vs just taking the class. I love this format. It is so fun and such a great workout. If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely need to give it a shot!
We ended the month with a trip down to Houston to check out housing! My mom is moving down there in a couple of months so it was fun to check out the area. We feel super blessed that Chuck (my mom’s brother) and Julie live down there- it has been years since I’ve seen them so it was really nice to catch up.

We are full well into March now LOL… so here’s to getting out a March update before April ends 🙂

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