Da Dum

And by DUM I actually mean DOME. As in Dome of the Rock. I got to go today and I was so incredibly impressed! It was magnificent. 
The dome of the rock was built on Mount Moriah- the place where the Jews built their temples (Including Solomon’s temple)- it is also the traditional place of the almost-sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham (or Ishmael depending on whether you are talking to a Muslim or a Christian/Jew)- AND it is also the holy spot for the Muslims because it is where Muhammed descended up to heaven. 
So a very holy spot all around. But the Jews are actually not allowed to enter the temple mount, it is their Holiest of Holies. It is the holiest site on the face of the earth so it would be very disrespectful to enter (The holiest of holies is the place where the ark of the Covenant was kept in the temple before it was destroyed) The small part of the western wall (of the four walls surrounding the temple mount) is a place where God is always present. It is an extremely holy site for the Jews. 
A way cool place to say the least. 
After waiting in life for an hour and a half (luckily in the shade) we were able to get in! 
Only to be yelled at twice- once for my “immodest” shirt and the second time for touching each other. Males and females are not allowed to embrace, it is very disrespectful… oops! Sorry. Didn’t know any better! 
After the dome we headed out to lunch. Talk about some d-good shawarma!!! 

Then we did the second most amazing thing you can do in Jeru… the rampart wall walk! You actually get to walk on the top of the whole city wall and see the city from a bird’s eye view
(Im trying to remember what other city I have seen from that angle :)) 

Abi and I

After our long day of adventures we stopped by a little cafe for some fresh squeezed pomegranate juice! 
Don’t worry, the owner of the cafe was born in Ogden, Utah.
Coincidence? Oh whats up! 

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