My Current Workout Motivation for Bikini Season

Alright, I’m going to be completely honest here and say that I have been struggling with my workout motivation lately… we all go through these phases, right? I technically got down to my pre-pregnancy weight about a month of so ago and ever since then I have been slacking on my workouts at home. And now that I am putting it all out there, I haven’t been super motivated with my diet either. I need a certain number of calories to nurse my baby but I’m definitely eating too much candy too πŸ˜‰

Eat Glitter All Day Workout Motivation

I’m proud of myself that I got down to my pre-preg weight but I am also super disappointed that I haven’t worked as hard since then and slacked off. Weight isn’t everything so I have some goals to improve my endurance, strength and flexibility and I haven’t been progressing like I want to. I thought I would write a post (more for my own personal accountability haha) about what my goals are going forward and how I plan on sticking to my goals.

Eat Glitter All Day Workout Motivation


I’ve been teaching U-Jam Fitness classes (what’s U-Jam? Read about it HERE) Β at the church here in Denmark about 2-3x/week so I have been doing workouts a few times a week but I want to increase my endurance so I’m going to be adding in 30-60 minute Dance Cardio (length depending on how I feel that day!) on the days that I don’t teach. I’m going to be doing my trusty Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio (like HERE or HERE) and also learning new U-Jam dances as my workout where I will just focus on keeping my heart rate up (I can keep track of it easily on my Fitbit Charge 2).

Eat Glitter All Day Workout Motivation


Because I obviously wasn’t super consistent with TA’s original Mat DVD (even though I actually really love it… riddle me that!) I’m going to restart the Metamorphosis program to help actually shrink down my ‘problem’ areas. I had a ton of success with this 90 day program when I was losing weight for my wedding and it’s only 30 minutes of Muscular Structure (or TA’s weight program) and 30 minutes of Dance Cardio (which is more for my endurance goals but they work hand in hand). I love this program because it changes every 10 days and that definitely helps keep up my motivation because it’s like, “Oh I wonder what next week will be like!” And that is A-OK in my book. If you are interested in the program and to see what ‘centric’ (I am hipcentric) go to the website HERE and you can buy it HERE if you are interested!

Eat Glitter All Day Workout Motivation


Alright, this is something that I have struggled with for SOOOOO stinking long and I am just sick of it. I used to be a gymnast where we always stretched and worked to improve our flexibility, but I haven’t focused on this for years. After having baby angel, I could tell that my body was just so tight I could barely lift my leg…. honestly, it was so bad. I guess sometimes it takes things to get really bad before you have the motivation to change (unfortunately). I purchased THIS DVD and I am just waiting for it to come in the mail. I’m not going to go too crazy with it, but I am going to do it just 1x per week this month and see where I am at. But I will be adding at least 10 minutes of stretching following every workout after my cool down. I figured if I start small I won’t get discouraged by the fact that I can’t touch my toes and I’ll keep at it.

Eat Glitter All Day Workout Motivation


So I am not doing anything super drastic here because I’m still making boobie milk for baby but I am going to try to be a little better. I should probably be a part of a Candy Anonymous group cause I love candy so much! It’s a terrible addiction and I know I need to kick it and right now my motivation is pretty high to do so. In an attempt to not go all crazy and say absolutely NO CANDY, I’m going to just limit my candy to every other day. That sounds terrible cause I know its still a lot of candy but I am eating it basically every day right now and I can’t cut it cold turkey, I’m a wuss and I want to make it a habit and not white knuckle it. Does that make sense? Who else is with me- team fruit for the win! Β I have some plans for a stricter diet change once I’m no longer nursing but for now, this will have to do πŸ™‚

Eat Glitter All Day Workout Motivation

It’s a new month, what are your plans to kick some workout booty?? Tell me about what you guys are doing this month to be a little healthier, I love hearing about it!

Also… tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means….. #FOODFRIDAY. Recipes coming in hot on the blog tomorrow.


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