Why You Can’t Change Your Weight

Okay before you totally discount this post because weight loss is possible, hear me out….

Weight is not a modifiable behavior.

You can’t just change your weight. It’s not possible and it’s because your weight isn’t a behavior to be changed. You with me?

I know that lots of people want to lose weight (like hi baby weight… and pre-baby weight if we are honest here) and there’s seriously nothing quite as discouraging as looking down at the scale and seeing it stagnant, or heaven forbid, higher than it was before. It can be devastating and I am speaking from experience here people.

But we can’t get mad or upset with ourselves because of something that is out of our control. The only thing to do is modify the behavior that is preventing the weight loss or creating the weight gain.

Here are some examples of behaviors that you can consider adjusting:

  • How much water do you drink each day? (Minimum answer should be eight 8 oz glasses)
  • Are you breaking a sweat 30 minutes a day, 5 days per week? (Want to know more? Read HERE)
  • Be honest, how much candy/sweets do you have hidden in your kitchen right now? (Even if I hide it, I still will eat it if it’s in my house!)
  • What are your sleep patterns like? (Try to clock in 7-8 hours every night, read more HERE)
  • Is your day-to-day diet healthy and in an appropriate caloric range? (this will differ depending on your height, current weight, sex, activity level… but you probably know if you’re eating too much)

The good thing about actually examining why you have a weight problem is that you can determine what you have control over- what you can change. Because as hard as you try, you cannot will the number on the scale to move. You can’t change the scale but you can change the reasons why your weight is an issue in the first place.

Some of the behaviors I am working on changing right now are to limit my candy intake (I have such a hard time with this, gimme all the chocolate) and to drink more water. I’m not trying to fix or change everything about my life, just one step at a time 🙂 I’ve been exercising regularly and eating pretty healthy but I know I can be better.

What’re some of the behaviors that you can start to modify? If you’re working towards some changes and need some support I am your girl! Message or comment anytime, I am here for you!

Side note! Sorry that I’ve missed a few Wednesday posts here and there, Skylor had his last set of finals so things were getting a little crazy. But I’m back and ready to party! Watch out for a #foodfriday post tomorrow coming in HOT.