Cardio Playlist

Today I thought I would do a post today with one of my current playlists on it! I just recently got spotify (I know… I am behind the times). I like to add some goodies from when I was growing up & some newer hits.
To me, music is so so important for a workout. It can distract your mind and it honestly can make the workout much more enjoyable and fun! I love sassy and get low ‘club’ type music. I know that might not be everyone’s thing, but I like it. Totally gets me in the zone.

Also… yes. I totally need to paint my nails!
Spotify has been really fun to use! If you don’t already use it, you most definitely should. Just remember to create your playlists on the computer before your workout- just have everything prepped and ready to go so you can get your sweat on without being distracted with your music.

In addition to having your music playlist ready, make sure you have good headphones! When I run, I use my little Sony earbud headphones, similar found HERE. When I do weights, stairs or elliptical, I love my Sony bass headphones. OMG I am obsessed with these headphones. They are the bomb and have amazing base- similar found HERE. When I am working out at home, I turn up my jams on my Sony bluetooth speaker, found HERE. Now this has sound like none other.
Does this make me a Sony fan-girl? Oh well. They’ve got great sound so I’m not even mad.

If you guys have some playlists set up on spotify, share the love! I love new playlists and love finding new songs. Comment with your spotify link here on this post, or tag me on insta or something (@eatglitterallday). Have the best Friday guys! Don’t forget to get your sweat in this weekend… Thanksgiving is next week so stay on track as much as you can!