Bunnies Poop Eggs

On saturday Mom prepared a massive easter egg hunt for us kiddies. This hunt included over 200 eggs (these had candy in them for the babies) and 3 eggs with mula in them. Oh, don’t worry. She totally hid them on the roof and stuff. So of course I didn’t find one. 🙁 Oh well! What can you do!

We all had an absolutely fun time! We ate lunch afterwards and went to the park. Life doesn’t get much better than that!
Chad, Melissa & Noah
Mara & Lukie

Me & Kai-kai
In addition to this fabulous easter Saturday, we had a great easter Sunday. Our friends from Hawaii- The Yates and the Veas- both came over for dinner (say hello to some yummy shrimp!) And, well, I certainly enjoyed myself 🙂  

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