Brazilian Blowout

I’ve been meaning to write this post for like, I don’t know… FOREVER. So the pics are obviously not recent (HA- you should see my preggo belly now!) but I still wanted to share cause I found the best hair secret in the world. Not even kidding. And now I can really say how much I love it because its been two months and my hair is still killing it.
See how freaking straight and not frizzy my hair is?!?!? I’ve got super curly and (mostly) unmanageable hair and Jessi from Aspen Salon (also coincidentally my adorable cousin) SAVED ME. I’m not even joking. She introduced me to the Brazilian Blowout and it has changed my world.
I have never been able to just shower, brush my hair and be out the door. It (used to) always dry crazy and frizzy. At night when hubby would play with my hair, his fingers would also get stuck in knots and clumps of hair may or may not have come out because my hair was so out of control.
Now, I can seriously jump out of the shower, brush my hair and it will dry straight/not frizzy. Its a godsend, I am telling you. I’ve tried to be really good and only wash with the shampoo & conditioner that Jessi gave me (to make it last longer)and to only wash every few days &  my hair is still going strong. I know the blow out will fade here soon, so I guess it’s a good excuse to make a trip back to UT and get it redone 🙂 Jessi did a freaking fantastic job and I am obsessed with blowouts now. If you have frizzy or unmanageable hair- you need to hit Jessi (@practical._beauty) up. She will change your freaking world.

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