Blackjack 21

Im going to be honest. Before I came to Jerusalem I was SUPER bummed about having to have my 21st birthday away from my friends and family. It was weird for me to think that I wouldn’t get to celebrate this monumental birthday with people that I didn’t really like. 
Although I didnt get to spend my special day with my family, I did get to spend it with Skylor. And it turned out to be one of the best birthdays that I have ever had. 
First of all, I woke up to all these cute signs that my roommates made for me! There are seriously the cutest. They also put a list of 10 reasons why they love me in my bathroom drawer. Seriously… the cutest. 
The day was pretty chill- I didn’t work on any homework (slap my wrist why dont ya) and Skylor and I watched Lord of the Rings. I loved it! We wanted to go and celebrate at the waffle bar but since it was a friday they closed earlier (Shabbat begins at sundown and the waffle bar was in West Jerusalem). We waited until our field trip that night to the western wall and then hit up MCDONALDs. It was literally the only thing open. But we made it a triple date with some of the other couples and it turned out to be a blast. The employees played a sweet birthday song to me and brought (I mean threw at) us balloons. We are thinking about making it a new birthday tradition??? Ghetto sauce I know 🙂 

Jed + Alta, Skylor +Hollie & Kassie +Dallin (yep Kassie and dallin are engaged by the way… they met here and got engaged within a week!! They are getting married on the 29th! So excited for them). 

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