Baby Steed

Get ready for picture OVERLOAD people. Haha, sorry but we are just so dang excited!
We have been waiting and waiting to find out our baby’s gender and last Thursday we were like all heart-eyes in the doctor’s office.
Baby Steed is a BOY!
I cannot even tell you how excited we both are! People have been asking me why I wanted to have a boy first… and well I guess there are two reasons.
First of all, I cannot wait to have a mini Skylor hanging out with me all day! I’m just day dreaming about what he is gonna look like and be like!!
Secondly, its because I love having older brothers…. I may not have always liked it (ammiright?) but, I love know that I can always count on them to be there for me and to support me. I wanted my other kids to have that too.
Lil boyfriend passed his ultrasound with flying colors! He seems to be healthy so far and we are SO grateful. The best thing about our appointment was that our sweet ultrasound tech told us that he had a brain, heart, two arms, 10 fingers, two feet and 10 toes. HE’S SO CUTE IN THERE.
We have obviously got lots to do before December, but we cannot wait until this guy arrives! I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. Being a parent seems scary!
Skylor and I had a good time taking these pics in the park haha. We set up our tripod & our self timer rocked it. The best part about the whole thing was all of the random people catching Pokemon around us 😉

On a totally different note, I have been DYING to wear this PinkBlush Maternity dress. It fit my growing belly like a boss and I couldn’t be happier that I snagged it! I wanted us to look semi-dressed up in our pics and it did the trick perfectly.
I’ve been feeling a little large, and NOT in charge (of my weight) the past little while. Even so, this dress is so flattering and made me feel pretty. Most of my clothes, definitely do not make me feel that way.
I absolutely love the lace detailing on this dress! I barely even accessorized just because I feel like this dress makes enough of a statement on its own.
Soooo because I love this dress from PinkBlush so much, I’m doing a giveaway on my instagram! Go check it out on @eatglitterallday to see more details!

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